KOYA quality in detail – for dishes and beverages alike


If you would like to enjoy some gre­at Asi­an food, you should not only be able to expect tra­di­tio­nal dis­hes with an authen­tic tas­te. The qua­li­ty of each indi­vi­du­al ingre­dient and all bever­a­ges should be out of ques­ti­on, too.

At KOYA you can be sure to only enjoy first class food and drinks: After all, atten­ti­on to detail has always been our reci­pe for suc­cess. For examp­le, while in many restau­rants the tas­te of nood­le soups is achie­ved through pre­ser­ved rea­dy-made pow­ders, we pre­pa­re our broth exclu­si­ve­ly from fresh­ly boi­led beef bones. And unli­ke restau­rants whe­re wha­te­ver is in your glass sim­ply makes for an asi­de to the food you eat, we pay excep­tio­nal­ly clo­se atten­ti­on to the high qua­li­ty of our beverage selection.

The doors of KOYA are open to all guests who appre­cia­te spe­cial qua­li­ty at fair pri­ces: just see for yourself!