Your Reservation

In just three easy steps, you can fill in the form below and reser­ve a table at our KOYA in the cen­ter of Pader­born. After we have pro­ces­sed your reser­va­ti­on request, we will send you an e‑mail con­fir­ming your table reser­va­ti­on. Once you have recei­ved our e‑mail, your reser­va­ti­on is gua­ran­te­ed for the reques­ted time. Sin­ce we typi­cal­ly recei­ve a lot of requests for cer­tain peri­ods, we recom­mend making your reser­va­ti­on as ear­ly as pos­si­ble!
Plea­se also note that your reser­va­ti­on will be for­fei­ted if you are more than 15 minu­tes late. If a table for more than 8 peop­le is desi­red, we ask for reser­va­tions by pho­ne or in person.